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Moralt Ferro Passiv/Passiv FireSafe 98mm Thick


Moralt Ferro Passiv and Passiv FireSafe FD30 Door blanks / door kits – PassivHaus certified

Moralt FERRO Passiv 98mm thick door core. A door product from James Latham with Passive house certification for low-energy and Passive houses. The Moralt Ferro Passiv‘s high-quality thermal insulation and its technically sophisticated construction provide optimum conditions for a comfortable indoor climate. The specially isolated flat iron stabilizer prevents any thermal bridges and avoids condensation problems. Moralt’s FERRO PASSIV guarantees maximum technical strength and best-value performance in all classes according to EN 14351-1.

Please click here to view our new 'James Latham Moralt Acoustic and Fire Retardant door blanks explained' video 

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