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Locker Collection

Abet Laminati’s High Pressure Compact Grade Laminate is a hardwearing, durable and very attractive solutions for locker applications, with excellent resistance to impact, scratches and abrasion.
The Locker Collection is manufactured in the largest and most modern HPL factory in Europe and conforms to all the requirements of BS EN 438:2.  The sheets offer a hardwearing, impact resistant and very attractive decorative surface.
The range is available in a selection of plain colours with complementary speckle and patterned effects and Woodgrain finishes.  The HPL has been specially selected for areas of heavy usage or vandalism.

It is ideal for use in areas of high moisture and humidity such as leisure centres and swimming pool changing rooms as its solid core construction means there is no risk of peeling, cracking or delamination.

  • Recommended of use on lockers in high traffic areas such as in schools, hospitals, airports and other areas subject to heavy use and wear.

  • Its non porous fabrication and edging also make it ideally suited for use in sterile and hygienic environments including hospitals, laboratories and food preparation areas.

  • Classified as Euroclass C,s2-d0 according to EN 13501-1.

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