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What is HPL Laminate?

PRINT HPL is a high-pressure decorative laminate, in other words a panel consisting of layers of cellulose fibres that are impregnated with thermosetting resins and subjected to a high pressure process consisting in the simultaneous application of heat and pressure. This causes at the same time the fluidization and polycondensation of the resins, resulting in a homogeneous, non-porous material with the required surface finish.

HPL is supplied as panels, available in different sizes, thicknesses and surface finishes. The nominal thickness we produce ranges from 0.6 to 30 mm.  Basically, 60% of HPL consists of paper, while the remaining 40% consists of thermosetting resins, tipically phenolic resin for the core layers and melamine resin for the surface layer(s). Some HPL laminates have metal layers reinforced core, while others have metal foils or wood veneers as the decorative surface.

PRINT HPL is also available in a flame retardant grade (called “F1”) which, due to its unique and in any case halogen-free composition, ensures even better fire reaction classification than the standard version.

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Deep and bright or delicate and fogged, the new proposals of the collection enrich the shades of the colours palette. A swarm of decoratives that exalt each tone feature and develop endless projects.

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Colours & Textures + Fluo

Colour always meets new textures. An elegant range to create curious and harmonic weaves. With its dazzling flashes, Fluo fills the glance and awakens the attention even with a single detail.

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HR-LAQ + Colorpact + Full-Colopur + Full-Wood + Evanescence + Kaleidos

A palette of inspiring ideas with highly glossy surfaces, refined Full-Colour and Full-Wood, sophisticated evanescence’s that gather the gentle shades of historical patterns, with the tri-dimensional glow of Kaleidos. The entire catalogue is attractive and curious, like immersing into a landscape.

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From the most classical and historical collection, a wide range of woods.

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Legni News

Woods of perfect and actual nuances matching together to create a new choral harmony. Abet Laminati introduces the wood tones in the new finish Cross in an evolving search for perfection.

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Abet Wood

In this rich and material catalogue, the protagonists are the real essences. The collection matches perfectly the tones of the wood by revamping its real origin.

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Patagonia + Rocks+ Trama

We are wrapped by natural tones and textures that remind of rocks, of rough surfaces, of weaves. A journey that starts from the intense lands of Patagonia to reach the cold northern panorama.

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Titanium + Metalli + Drops

Magnificence and sobriety, metal glares remind of the Mediterranean.

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Labgrade + Magnetico + Decori Minimi + Engraving + Interni + Walkprint + Diafos + Lumiphos + Bilanciatori

A renewed technical catalogue that inspires big surfaces, walls that lighten in the dark, flawless floors. To open it means to invent a personal laboratory, the creativity structures new combinations.

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Serigrafia + Serigrafia 2008

Drawings that strongly express marks and characters of historical designers. Dynamic collaborations able to stimulate the creativity of the spectator who only has to imagine and dream.

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Digital Nature + Parade Collection

Artistic collaborations with contemporary designers give the opportunity to sweep among the textures. From the little and ludic signs of the Parade Collection to the dizzy evolutions of Digital Nature.

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 A corollary of textures that enhance the beauty of each decor to inspire a project. The chances increase and the ideas flourish.

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