Product Specification Showrooms
For Architects & Designers

We currently offer 3 RIBA CPDs under our own banner.

  1. Acrylic Solid Surface

  2. Performance Door blanks

  3. Timber Passivhaus doors

We can also offer a RIBA approved CPD on veneered boards (this is held by Decospan, our veneered board supplier. Please see or on Accoya, Modified Wood (used for cladding and external timber applications) and is held by the manufacturer Accsys. Please see

Aside from RIBA accredited CPDs, we have a number of specialist Product Managers who would be able to come and see you regarding most areas of timber, timber based panels, decorative or structural panels. 

If you are interested in booking a CPD or product talk please contact us at either [email protected] (London) or [email protected] (Manchester). We can host in our showrooms with complimentary lunch and refreshments or alternatively we are happy to attend your practice.

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